OSCAR Foundation photos - Oscar rehab successes

Rehab Successes

OSCAR Foundation photos - Successes with Sodzo and neck surgery


Sodzo (right) is blind and underwent neck surgery last year. He didn't really like the underwater treadmill during therapy but seems to like the water now and is doing fantastic!

OSCAR Foundation photos - Successes with Doobie and arthritis


Doobie (left) has Addison's disease and knee arthritis and has used underwater therapy to help with conditioning

OSCAR Foundation photos - Successes with Nicky and saddle thrombus


Nicky (right) had a saddle thrombus, causing a blockage of blood flow, due to a heart condition and had no function in his back legs. He did walk with therapy, even though his left hind leg is still knuckled. He was so sweet -- he even put up with electrical stimulation.

OSCAR Foundation photos - Successes with Indy the Agility Aussie


Indy (left) is an agility Aussie who had a ruptured cruciate and was out of practice for a whole year before she could get a diagnosis and recover from two surgeries. She is back to agility trials and is on her way to finally finishing her title. She is a strong dog who barks while doing agility.


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