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You can support OSCAR and his friends by purchasing a packet of six notecards of six different pets for $10 (plus shipping). All proceeds go to OSCAR.

OR you can e-mail a .jpg photo to, and we'll send you six notecards with your pet's picture for only $10 (plus $5 shipping for priority mail).

OSCAR notecards - Abby
I had knee surgery on both legs and love the underwater treadmill.
OSCAR notecards - Beau
You should have seen me on the Senior Agility course!
OSCAR notecards - Browner
I fractured my femure on the 4th of July, but now I'm running again."
OSCAR notecards - Jasper
I was hit by a car, but I'm still a go-getter!

Fritz & Conrad
We both had back surgery!

Rehabilitation has given me my buff body.

I have fibrotic myopathy and love the underwater treadmill.

Jesse & Tanner
This is me with my brother Jesse. My range of motion is getting stronger every day.

I developed partial cruciate tears in both hind legs and had both knees repaired on the same day.

I'm a cancer survivor!

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